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Surprising features of a rental property that matter to tenants
As we get closer and closer to the busy January rental season, many landlords are looking at tidying up their investment properties. There are many reasons why this is critical, but the two most important are ensuring plenty of people are interested when it comes time to...
Tue December 20, 2016
Renting | Landlords | Lifestyle
Understanding and preparing for the January rental season
January is traditionally something of a quiet month in terms of buying and selling real estate, but that doesn't mean that the entire property market is quiet. Oh no, the start of the year can be a hectic time, especially if you're a landlord looking to fill...
Tue December 20, 2016
Renting | Landlords
How much value can off-street parking add to your property?
When looking to buy property, there are a few key features that almost everybody takes note of. From the right location through to curb appeal, these are the buzzwords that we associate with truly great slices of real estate, and one of the most important is off-street...
Tue November 29, 2016
Buying | Landlords
The pros and cons of a pool
We're finally making our way into the year's warmer months, and that means the sun will be out and the temperature rising. Summer is notoriously gorgeous in Australia - particularly on the east coast - and the season presents countless opportunities for barbecues...
Mon November 21, 2016
Buying | Selling
Sydney hits new high in auction clearance rates
We've spoken recently in this blog and in our Sydney market updates about how clearance rates have been going up over the last few weeks during the busiest time of the year for real estate. The trend has continued, with the most recent batch of information from...
Mon November 14, 2016
Buying | Selling | Market News
3 reasons to invest in apartments
One of the biggest changes that we're seeing in the Sydney property market at the moment is a huge increase in the number of apartments being built. This has come about through substantial rezoning by local councils, which has been undertaken in an effort to fit...
Thu November 10, 2016
Buying | Landlords
How much do you really know about stamp duty?
Whether you're buying your first property or your fortieth, there are a few simple facts of the real estate business that you'll have to accept. Stamp duty is one of these, and understanding how it works is absolutely crucial to make the purchase a success. As...
Tue November 08, 2016
3 features of a great suburb
Sydney is an amazing city, with an absolutely enormous range of different things to do, see and enjoy. A big part of that comes down to diversity between the suburbs, and in fact each distinct area of the city has its own character and personality. This is great for those...
Mon November 07, 2016
Buying | Selling | Lifestyle
3 common property investment mistakes to avoid
Real estate has always been an attractive investment, offering both a stable value over time as well as the generation of continuous income - if you're smart about managing the property. The common perception is that buying a property to rent out is only really an option...
Tue November 01, 2016
Buying | Landlords
3 top tips for a successful open home
There are plenty of different steps that you'll have to go through when selling a property, but one of the most important is undoubtedly the open home period. This is when you'll have potential buyers through the home for the first time, and the aim of the game...
Mon October 31, 2016





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