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Should you help your children buy a Sydney home?
As it becomes more and more difficult for young people to buy a home in Sydney, countless parents are stepping in to help shoulder the load. There are all sorts of reasons why this is becoming necessary, ranging from increasing property prices to the additional burden of...
Mon May 28, 2018
3 ways to modernise a character home
There's something magical about a character home, with older houses retaining their original charm even 50 years after being constructed. For property sellers in Sydney, however, character homes can present a few challenges when it comes to attracting the widest...
Thu May 24, 2018
What to look for when moving to a bigger home in Sydney
In a recent article here on the Laing+Simmons blog, we looked at some of the key challenges faced by Sydney homeowners looking to downsize to a smaller property. Now ,we're tackling the other side of the equation.There are many reasons why you might want to sell your...
Wed May 23, 2018
Buying | Selling
What to look for when downsizing in Sydney
There are all sorts of reasons why Sydney residents might want to sell their property and buy another, but one of the most common is a need to downsize. This can happen for all sorts of reasons. For some, the kids have left the nest, necessitating a move to...
Tue May 08, 2018
Buying | Selling
How to prepare for an auction as a buyer
The process of buying a new home should be an exciting one, but for many buyers, there's a sense of fear when it comes to auctions. After all, they're high-pressure environments where a lot of money is at stake and the competition between bidders can be intense...
Tue April 24, 2018
3 deal breakers property buyers and sellers need to know about
One of the most important aspects of buying and selling Sydney property is understanding what elements of a house to look out for as potential danger signs. Understanding these is important on both sides of the equation. For buyers, it will help you avoid any properties that...
Tue April 24, 2018
Buying | Selling
Why solar panels are a smart property investment
There are so many different ways for homeowners in Sydney to boost the value of their property before putting it on the market. From simple paint jobs to full renovations, the objective is to offer something that the other houses down the road simply can't.One...
Thu April 19, 2018
Selling | Lifestyle
What should you do with your Sydney home when moving on?
So, you've decided that it's time to move on from your current property and secure a new home in Sydney. Maybe you need a bit more space, or simply want to be closer to work. Regardless of your reasons for moving, every homeowner in Sydney that's buying...
Tue March 27, 2018
What strata regulations mean for renovating
One question that the team here at Laing+Simmons receives a lot from landlords is: what are their obligations when renovating homes or units that are part of a strata scheme? This can be a tricky topic to understand, but it's vital to know what is required in order...
Fri March 23, 2018
Understanding the hidden costs of buying Sydney property
Now that the holiday season is well and truly behind us, more and more buyers are returning to the Sydney property market looking for the home of their dreams. For first home buyers in particular, this is an incredibly exciting time, and it's worth enjoying it after the...
Wed March 21, 2018





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